Adam and Eve House


The Adam and Eve House, built in 1571, is one of the most beautiful houses in Höxter.
Built in 1571 by the wealthy grain merchant Mollner, the building owes its name to the depiction of the Fall of Man on the right-hand corner pillar. In addition to the typical decorative elements of the Weser Renaissance with fan rosettes and dew ribbon ornaments, the unique pictorial representation on the front of the house is striking.

Not only very unusual, but also of outstanding importance are the depictions of the crucifixion group, the annunciation scene and the figure of Christ. Read from right to left, they describe the Christian doctrine of salvation from original sin to redemption. Almost four decades after the Reformation had taken hold, the builder thus followed a Catholic pictorial tradition that was probably provocative at the time.


Getting there
Adam and Eve House
Stummrigestraße 27
37671 Höxter