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History & stories

from the Teutoburg Forest

European history as discovered through the Teutoburg Forest

Explore Palatinate castles of Charlemagne and the legends of his adversary Widukind. Climb the Hermann monument, which commemorates the Varus Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in the year 9 AD. In historical Hanseatic towns, you will experience how the medieval trade brought wealth to the region and in magnificent monasteries discover the most beautiful treasures of cultural history - not least in the UNESCO world heritage centre at Corvey.



after Christ the famous battle took place at the Teutoburg forest

Römer & Germanen

cities belonged to the Hanseatic League until the 16th century

Die Hanse

Charlemagne came to Westphalia for the first time

Sachsen & Franken

Monastery culture can be experienced at Dalheim Monastery, for example

Klöster & Mittelalter