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Teutoburg Forest hiking region

Green paths instead of red traffic lights

Tipp aus dem Teuto

Hiking holidays

You can go hiking on vacation on the Hermannshöhen, which is one of the "Top Trails of Germany", as well as on other beautiful quality hiking trails. Also recommended are the slightly shorter circular hiking trails, which are often also certified. In addition, we have put together other rewarding selected hiking trails for you.

In addition, hiking packages that include accommodation and service, such as transfers or luggage transport. There are many good reasons to experience the Teutoburg Forest in a hiking way: Enjoy the distant views, breathe the pure air of species-rich mixed forests, explore moor and heath, streams and historical places.


certified hiking hosts have we listed here for you


km are the Hermanns Heights long. Other quality hiking trails:


circular hiking trails, some of which are certified, can be found here


hiking trails can be called up in the interactive map of the region

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