Stadt Vlotho im Wittekindsland - Foto: Vlotho Marketing GmbH
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  • Weserhafen in Vlotho - Foto: O. Schwabe
  • Grabungsinszenierung - Foto: H. Wurm
  • Blick vom Winterberg - Foto: Vlotho Marketing GmbH
  • Eingangsbereich Enger - Foto: I. Fleer
  • Liesbergmühle in Enger - Foto: Vlotho Marketing GmbH
  • Blick auf Uffeln - Foto: Vlotho Marketing GmbH
  • Widukind in Enger - Foto: T. Goedecker
  • Gut Böckel in Rödinghausen - Foto: Vlotho Marketing GmbH
  • Kleiner Brunnen - Foto: Vlotho Marketing GmbH
  • Museumsschule in Hiddenhausen - Foto: Vlotho Marketing GmbH
  • Lange Straße in Vlotho - Foto: Vlotho Marketing GmbH
  • Aussicht von der Burg Vlotho - Foto: Vlotho Marketing GmbH
  • Haus Malz in Vlotho - Foto: Vlotho Marketing GmbH

Holiday between the Weser and Wiehen Hills

The Wittekindsland Herford extends between the Wiehen Hills in the North, the Weser uplands in the East and the Teutoburg Forest in the Southwest. The delightful location away from the noise and the bustle of everyday life, fascinating landscapes with rolling hills and forests, idyllic lakes and rivers, wide fields and meadows provide ideal conditions for a relaxing holiday.The Wittekindsland has a great past, inextricably linked with his namegiver, the Saxon Duke Wittekind. At the end of the 8th century, he mounted fierce resistance against Charlemagne and his christianisation, until he finally had to relent to the great Franconian. His sarcophagus is in the Collegiate Church of Enger, a monument to Wittekind stands in Herford.

Unterkunftssuche im Wittekindsland Herford

Radfahrer in Vlotho - Foto: M. Reimer
Hiking and cycling

For hikers, beginning in Herford are the certified Hansa route, forest and nature trails, the Wittekind trail on the ridge of the Wiehen Hills and the Saxon route. Cyclists can explore the Wittekindsland on the Weser cycle path, the Soleweg, the Wittekind tour, the Westphalian farmhouse route and many well signposted local circular trails.

  • Marta in Herford - Foto: H. Claus
  • Marta in Herford - Foto: T. Goedecker
  • Außenansicht Enger - Foto: H. Wurm
  • Stadtführung vor Münster - Foto: T. Feg
  • Hof Meyer-Johann - Foto: G. Rolf

History and culture

Castles, monasteries, mansions, and Sattelmeier farms bear witness to a rich past, because well-off aristocrats, merchants and farmers lived in the Wittekindsland. In Herford, the middle ages meets modernity. In the city centre, magnificent buildings - including four Gothic Hall Churches of art historical significance - document the historic splendour. At the same time, the Herforders meet today's challenges: The most impressive example is that of the Museum MARTa Herford, designed by star architect Frank Gehry.

Entspannung im H2O in Herford - Foto: T. Ullonska

Farmers baths and wellness oases

Many guests find relaxation and healing here in the health resorts in the middle of the Healing Garden of Germany". Historical farmers baths and spas are equipped with the latest spa and wellness facilities. Their mud baths, sulphur and iodine sources alleviate many illnesses. There are attractive indoor and outdoor pools in the Wittekindsland. The Herforder "Wellness oasis" H2O impresses with its special offering: Over 1,400 m² of water area provide fun and action!

Logo Wittekindsland

Touristikgemeinschaft Wittekindsland e.V.
Goebenstraße 3-7
32052 Herford
Tel.: 05221 189 15 40 | Fax.:05221 189 15 33


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Some of the cities & towns in Wittekindsland Herford

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