Recreation in the Teutoburg Forest

Hiking and climbing parks, bike paths and golf courses, trips by canoe, vintage cars and balloon

Two nature parks are located in the region with many hiking and cycling routes. Plus climbing, canoeing, golf...

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On tour in nature

Enjoy you the diverse mountainous landscapes in two nature parks at your whim: hiking along scenic paths and biking to rewarding destinations, with a paddle or a golf club in your hand. Or on an adventurous balloon ride

Natural and active time travel

  • The formation of the Teutoburg Forest

    The enormous forces of drifting continental plates 60 million years ago pushed up rock masses as if they were just made out of paper. That is how the Alps were created and at the same time, the ridges of the Teutoburg Forest. In many places, the layers of rock broke up - and so today different layers emerge in numerous cliffs and gorges. In them, geologists can read the history of the Earth like a book. And even the layman can easily recognise for example the shell limestone, which remained from a primeval ocean. That's why parts of the Teutoburg Forest also belong to the nature park and geopark TERRA.vita.

  • Ice age in the Teuto

    The enormous glaciers of the Saale ice age stretched from Scandinavia to the Teutoburg Forest. When they finally melted, they left behind huge deposits of sand - especially in the Senne heathland, where it forms the basis for the beautiful heath vegetation and in many places huge dunes.

  • Altenbeken viaduct inaugurated

    It is Europe's largest lime sandstone bridge. Almost 500 metres long, the rail bridge spans the Beketal with 24 arches. Last but not least, the large viaduct is the pivotal point of the viaduct trail, one of five quality routes of Walkable Germany in the Teutoburg Forest holiday region.

  • Laying the foundation stone of the Reichstag in Berlin

    Many sandstone blocks were hewn from the Silberort cliffs beneath the twin peaks of the Velmerstoth, from which the Reichstag was built in Berlin. Even in Cologne Cathedral and in countless pillars of many motorway bridges, a fair bit of the Teutoburg Forest can still be discovered. Conversely, the abandoned quarries, which have long since been reconquered by nature, offer picturesquely beautiful views.

  • The start of hiking tourism

    The Egge Hills Association was founded on 11 March 1900 in Altenbeken, in order "to increase and facilitate tourism in the areas of the Egge Hills, in particular through the production of signposts, benches, footpaths, lookouts, shelters, and exploiting springs", according to the declared objectives. The first project: the Egge path is opened in 1902.

  • The Hermann path becomes a hiking trail

    Of course there has already been a path along the ridges of the Teutoburg Forest for countless years. Presumably the old Romans already used the military and trade route to take the battle to the Germanic tribes. But it wasn't until the beginning of industrialisation that the idea arose to use this road for completely different destinations: Recreation, nature and landscape enjoyment, fresh air. And thus the success story of the hiking holiday began with the path markings and the shelters of the Teutoburg Forest Association.



  • Creation of the "Teutoburg Mountain Association"

    After the effects of industrialisation, improvement associations were founded in the 19th century in many places to preserve the beauty and special characteristics of their homeland. On 25 June 1902 these clubs joined together at the Spa Hotel in Bad Rothenfelde to become the "Teutoburg Mountain Association", the forerunner of the present-day Teutoburg Forest Association and the marketing organisation "Teutoburg Forest Tourism", a specialist division of OstWestfalenLippe GmbH.

  • Externsteine nature reserve

    They are a natural monument of their own unique beauty and thus constitute a landmark in the middle of an intact nature area - good reasons to make the Externsteine one of the first protected areas in the former free state of Lippe.

  • The Egge Route is first the first quality trail of Walkable Germany

    In 2004 the German Hiking Association set new standards and awarded the quality seal "Walkable Germany" for the first time. Namely to the Egge Route. Four other routes in the Teuto have followed since then: Hermann's Route, the Viaduct Hiking Trail, the Hanseatic Route and the Paderborn Ridgeway. 

  • The Hermann Hills trail becomes one of Germany's top trails

    In 2005, the Top Trails of Germany brand gathered together Germany's most beautiful and invigorating long-distance hiking trails. The Hermann Hills route, the congenial link between the Hermann Route and the Egge Route is one of the twelve "founding members".

  • German hiking day

    50,000 guests came to Paderborn for the annual meeting of hikers. The organisers of the event, which this time bore the motto "Hiking to Sources", were the Egge Hills Association, who had already proven themselves as hosts for the German Hiking Association in 1981 and 1998.

  • Hiking centre of excellence at the Hermann monument

    In order for the Teutoburg Forest to remain one of the most popular hiking regions in the country, the range of offers for active holidaymakers is being continuously improved. This is ensured by the hiking centre of excellence, which started work in 2015.

Impressionen Active & Nature

  • Grafenblick Teutoburger Wald - Foto: A. Hub
  • Paar auf Felsen im Teutoburger Wald - Foto T. Conrad
  • Erfrischung für die Füße - auf den Hermannshöhen, Eggeweg - Foto A.Hub
  • Wanderer im Teutoburger Wald - Foto A. Hub
  • Radfahren an den Donoper Teichen Teutoburger Wald
  • Radfahr-Pause - Lemgo - Foto: T. Conrad
  • Radfahr-Planung Teuto_Navigator - Foto T. Conrad
  • Kanuerlebnis - Foto: RioNegro
  • Kletterspaß - Foto: Schnurstracks Kletterpark
  • Hohe Golfplatzdichte im Teutoburger Wald Foto: Bad Driburg

Natural and close-to-nature activities create a soothing inner balance.

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