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Siebenstern - Bad Driburger Ortsteil

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Siebenstern is a village located in a forest and is home to about 400 people. Landlords started building glassworks in the forests around Siebenstern during mid-14th century. These glassworks had to be abandoned when Siebenstern ran out of firewood after its deforestation. The oldest glassworks, located on the upper reaches of the Katzbach stream between Siebenstern and Neuenheerse, was mentioned for the first time in 1532. It was founded by the abbess of the Heerse monastery. The city of Dringenberg authorised the construction of a new glassworks in the Siebenstern forest district in 1750. Residences for glassmakers were built around the glassworks site by the Beckersche Glaswerk. Becker´s coat of arms consists of seven stars with a blue background; their logo represents seven oval openings on the bottom of pearl-like glasses. Production came to a stop in 1914, when the company was led by Hans Heinrich Becker. The actual production site was constructed after the settlement of Walther-Glas pressed glass and the expansion of the residential area in the 1950s. The company closed down again at the end of 2013. Discover interesting facts about the history of glass production during both glassworks-tours, which start here in Siebenstern.




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