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Reelsen - Bad Driburger Ortsteil

  • Bad Driburg

Ein kleiner Ort mit vielen Besonderheiten wie die St. Martinus Kirche, das Backhaus, das Heimkehrerkreuz  von 1955, der Antoniusbildstock, die Aa und das Schloss Reelsen.

Reelsen was officially mentioned for the first time in 1197. However, finds of Neolithic stone axes and Roman miniature god statues prove that Reelsen had already been settled earlier. It is surrounded by low mountains. Fachwerkhaus Klaes dates back to the 17 th century and is the oldest building in Reelsen. It is definitely worth visiting, just like the old school building from the 17 th century and the baking house. Feel free to take a short brake on the benches next to the Heimkehrerkreuz, a monument built in 1955 to commemorate fallen and lost soldiers of both world wars. Walking enthusiasts also have the possibility to enjoy gastronomy and to stay overnight. The Aa flows near the eastern border of Reelsen; in the western part you can see the railway embankment which is part of railway line Altenbeken-Hannover. This railway line required the construction of a tunnel through the Reelser Berg, which is located particularly close to the southern part of village. The Reelser Kreuz was built on top of the Reelsener Berg in 1863 following the construction of the tunnel. It´s quite isolated but still close to everyday life thanks to road and railway traffic.


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