Mühlenensemble - Foto: Gemeinde Stemwede
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Mill District

  • Spazieren neben Wasserfontänen - Foto: Kurpark Bad Oeynhausen
  • Großes Torfmoor in Minden-Lübbecke - Foto: Gemeinde Hille
  • Radfahrer im Kreis Minden-Lübbecke
  • Schloss Hüffe - Foto: Stadt Preussich-Oldendorf
  • Schachtschleuse Minden - Foto: Minden Marketing
  • Stadtfest Minden - Foto: Stadt Minden
  • Preußen-Museum Minden - Foto: Stadt Minden-Lübbecke

Time for me

The mill district - that is rest and relaxation, sport and fun, art and culture. Healthy, graceful landscapes and idyllic villages offer attractive possibilities for excursions and a wide cultural offer. Together with sophisticated gastronomy, it attracts our guests in the northern part of North Rhine-Westphalia. Old and young, individuals as well as groups find "their" unique vacation with us - at pleasant prices.


Unterkunftssuche im Mühlenkreis Minden-Lübbecke

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal - Foto: Stadt Porta Westfalica
Mills, Porta Westfalica and Kaiser Wilhelm

Wind, water and horse-powered mills and the only original reconstructed ship-mill capable of grinding Germany, Weser and Wiehen Hills, forests, marshes, agriculture and park landscapes, Weser and Mittelland Canal shape the landscape. The Weser uplands end here, and the North German lowlands begin - and on the Wiehen Hills at the Porta Westfalica, Kaiser Wilhelm I greets from afar. 

  • Mühlenensemble - Foto: Gemeinde Stemwede
  • Schiffmühle Minden - Foto: Stadt Minden
  • Bockwindmühle Neuenknick - Foto: Stadt Petershagen
  • Seenlandschaft in Hille - Foto: Gemeinde Hille
  • Großes Torfmoor in Minden-Lübbecke - Foto: Gemeinde Hille

Mills, hiking, natur

Only in the mill district is there such a variety of historic mills (in total there are 43), connected by the Westphalian Mill Road into a unique open-air museum, that can excellently be explored by bike. The Weser and Wiehen Hills are ideal terrain for hikers, and so there is the mill trail, which leads along the upland ridges and branches off to the mills in the vicinity. The large peat bog offers views across a natural and rare landscape from extensive hiking trails.

Rathaus Minden - Foto: Minden Marketing

Embedded in the harmonious landscape are cultural and historical specialities. The centre is the 1200-year-old district of Minden with the imposing Cathedral and architectural monuments of Prussian classicism and the Weser Renaissance.

The Weser and the Mittelland Canal cross in Minden; a ride with the white fleet is a necessary part of any visit to the city. There are castles and manor houses scattered in the whole territory of the district; just as attractive are the many farming villages along the Weser and Wiehen.

  • Kurpark Bad Oeynhausen - Foto: Stadt Bad Oeynhausen
  • Haus des Gastes Bad Holzhausen - Foto: Stadt Preussisch-Oldendorf
  • Industriemuseum Gernheim - Foto: A. Hudemann, M. Holtappels
  • Industriemuseum Gernheim - Foto: A. Hudemann, M. Holtappels

Popular spa resorts

An another natural asset is the healing powers of the soil. Brine and sulphur, mineral springs and natural marsh mud, clean air and a beautiful landscape have established the good reputation of the Westphalian Healing Garden. The State spa Bad Oeynhausen has one of the most beautiful spa facilities in Germany. The young Spa Holzhausen offers peace and quiet and expertise, for example with stress and tinnitus.

Recreational opportunities

The Westphalian industry museum of the Gernheim Glassworks, where glass-blowers can be seen in action, is certainly worth a visit. Here, even the youngest have fun: Candy cooking in the salt and sugar land of Bad Oeynhausen, the game and leisure park "potts park" at the Wiehen Hills, Rahden museum farm, a ride with the museum railway or deep below ground in the exhibition mine at Kleinenbremen.

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