Abtei Marienmünster - Foto: F. Grawe
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Kulturland Kreis Höxter

(land of culture - district of Höxter)

  • Der Weser-Skywalk - Foto: F. Grawe
  • Ehemaliges Benedikterinnenkloster - Foto: I. Jansen
  • Radfahren im Kreis Höxter - Foto: C. Sasse
  • Gräflicher Park Bad Driburg - Foto: F. Grawe
  • Klosterfestival in Höxter - Foto: I. Jansen
  • Netherradweg Kreis Höxter - Foto: F. Grawe
  • Sinnesgarten in Warburg - Foto: C. Sasse
  • Träumen unter grünen Dächern im Weidenpalais - Foto: F. Grawe
  • Burg Dringenberg - Foto: I. Jansen
  • Unterwegs in der Bikerregion - Foto: I. Jansen
  • Wandern im Kulturland Kreis Höxter - Foto: C. Sasse
  • Warburg im Kreis Höxter - Foto: F. Grawe
  • Wanderweg in Höxter-Ottbergen - Foto: F. Grawe
  • Wanderweg in Höxter-Ottbergen - Foto: F. Grawe

Monasteries, rivers and broad landscapes!

In the far east of the Teutoburg Forest - in the middle of the Weser uplands - the cultivated land of the district of Höxter offers optimum conditions for a memorable holiday.

Here, cities full of history, hiking trails and bike paths in varied landscapes, regional specialities for the palate and Westphalian hospitality all await you.

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Wanderweg in Höxter-Ottbergen - Foto: F. Grawe

As varied as the landscape is - the ridges of the Egge Hills and the Weser uplands offer a wonderful panorama of the vast landscape of the Börde district or the Weser floodplains - and also the cities in the cultivated land district of Höxter are just as varied.

Old trading and farming towns with some splendid town and farmhouses form focal points in the largely rural landscape. Discover magnificently decorated and lovingly restored timber-frame houses on a city walk, such as the old Hanseatic town of Warburg or in the District of Höxter.

  • Klosterregion Kulturland Kreis Höxter - Abtei Marienmünster

Monastic region

Embark on an exciting journey through time into the past and present of the monastery region of the cultivated land district of Höxter. Explore monasteries and admire cultural and historical treasures.

The former Benedictine Abbey of Corvey is the centrepiece of the monastery region with more than 20 monastic institutions.

Here not only the comprehensive 74,000 volume princely library is fascinating, where Hoffmann von Fallersleben once worked.

Corvey Kulturland Kreis Höxter

Also the almost 1,200 year-old Westwork, one of the most important architectural monuments in Germany, impresses visitors. No wonder that Corvey bears the title of UNESCO World Heritage site.

In the Westphalian Culinarium in Nieheim, you can enjoy the culinary diversity of Westphalia and find out what Westphalia tastes like. The German cheese market, which takes place every 2 years in the historic town centre, is famous beyond the borders of the Republic.

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