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Erfolgskreis Gütersloh

  • Theater Gütersloh - Foto: D. Güthenke
  • Burg Ravensburg - Foto: Kreis Gütersloh
  • Botanischer Garten Gütersloh - Foto: N. Scholz
  • Kloster Marienfeld - Foto: Pro Wirtschaft GT GmbH
  • Kloster Herzebrock-Clarholz - Foto: Gemeinde Kreis Gütersloh
  • Hohenfelder Brauerei - Foto: Pro Wirtschaft GT GmbH
  • Radfahren im Kreis Gütersloh - Foto: Pro Wirtschaft GT GmbH
  • Garten Klosterstraße Rietberg - Foto: Stadt Rietberg
  • Schloss Holte - Foto: U. Knoke
  • Evangelische Kirche Steinhagen - Foto: Pro Wirtschaft GT GmbH
  • Verler Leben - Foto: E. Daum
  • Petri Kirche Versmold - Foto: Pro Wirtschaft GT GmbH
  • Wandern im Kreis Gütersloh - Foto: Pro Wirtschaft GT GmbH
  • Böckstiegel-Haus in Werther - Foto: Pro Wirtschaft GT GmbH

Recreation, sports, culture

The success district of Gütersloh has a lot to offer! Are you looking for a little break and want to escape the everyday hustle and bustle?

Then you will find the right mix between relaxation and stimulation here: for example in Mohns Park in Gütersloh, in the Garden Show Park in Rietberg, in the Flora Westfalica in Rheda Wiedenbrück, also in the theatre in Gütersloher Theater or in the Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle as well as many other places - a change of pace here is stimulatingly easy!

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Video about the success district of Gütersloh
  • Radfahren im Kreis Gütersloh - Foto: Pro Wirtschaft GT GmbH

Hiking and cycling

And also no long journey is required to be athletically active: Take part in one of the popular and nationally known fun runs, e.g. the Nacht von Borgholzhausen or cycle on one of the many cycle paths through the district.

You can enjoy nature with pleasure on the Ems Cycle Path, Railway Cycle Route or on the cross-border route – to name but a few. If you prefer to walk, we recommend hikes through the Teutoburg Forest with stunning views of the Ravensberg Hill Country

  • Haller Herz - Foto: Pro Wirtschaft GT GmbH

Gastronomy and hosts

After so much movement, creature comforts can not come too soon. Rustic farm cafés invite you in for a comfortable rest with fragrant coffee, homemade cakes and other specialities of the house.

Overnight guests in the District of Gütersloh can choose between the luxurious 4-star hotel, the good middle-class rural hotels up to a bed in the hay.

Unterkunftssuche - Erfolgskreis Gütersloh

  • Farmhouse Jazzclub in Harsewinkel, Foto: Stadt Harsewinkel

Culture and Entertainment

Many of cultural highlight awaits you in Gütersloh: the new and architecturally modern theatre in Gütersloh awaits your visit. In addition, the recreational and cultural calendar for the Gütersloh district offers plenty of variety, from jazz concerts to the Gerry Weber Open in HalleWestfalen, the only ATP grass court tennis tournament in Germany.

Have a great time in Gütersloh!

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