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History & stories

European history as discovered through the Teutoburg Forest: Explore Palatinate castles of Charlemagne and the legends of his adversary Widukind. Climb the Hermann monument, which commemorates the Varus Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in the year 9 AD. In historical Hanseatic towns, you will experience how the medieval trade brought wealth to the region and in magnificent monasteries discover the most beautiful treasures of cultural history - not least in the UNESCO world heritage centre at Corvey.

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Westphalian enjoyment in numbers

  • 4
    enjoyable museums in the Westphalian Culinarium at Nieheim
  • 6
    months - at least - is the time it takes to age a Westphalian ham on the bone
  • 24
    hours to bake pumpernickel bread
  • 38
    percent alcohol in a real Steinhäger
  • Countless
    number of recipes for Pickert
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