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Fresh from the field and unadulterated - that's how the Teuto tastes

Hearty, rural, fresh - the traditional Westphalian cuisine is a typical expression of the old rural cultural landscape, in which its ingredients thrive. In addition to timeless classics, you will also discover numerous contemporary light dishes on the menus. One way or the other: Enjoy Westphalian hospitality.

Regional, seasonal, and with sweet desserts

You do not have to search for long for the delights of the East Westphalian-Lippe cuisine: In farm cafés, tour venues and numerous restaurants in the cities, regional and seasonal gourmet culture has been around since time immemorial. From fresh asparagus in the early summer to game dishes and wild mushrooms in the autumn to the Borgholzhausen gingerbread in the winter, for example.

If you really want to discover the Westphalian "staple food", you can do this in the Westphalian Culinarium in Nieheim. Four museums here show the characteristics and the production of pumpernickel and ham on the bone, cheese and beer. All that's missing is the sweet dessert. You can find that in the Dr. Oetker World in Bielefeld - and much, much more. The traditional company is famous above all for its pudding. In the hands-on exhibition, you can also find out about all the other facets of the family company.

On everyone's lips: Westphalian and Lippe delicacies

Inhabitants of Westphalia are commonly considered to be relaxed - and certainly not hectic. They also don't need to be. At least if it has anything to do with the preparation of their typical black bread, pumpernickel. For up to 24 hours, the full rye grain cooks at about 100 degrees. And thus takes its time to develop its typical, sweet wholegrain flavour.

And a Westphalian ham goes perfectly with it: cold, smoked over beech and aged at least six months on the bone. Or a typical Nieheimer cheese that is made from Quark similar to a Harz cheese. Every two years, the East Westphalian speciality is compared internationally: on the German cheese market.

Ham and cheese sandwiches - go well with a quaffable beer from the region. And afterwards a Steinhäger. For more than 200 years, the traditional Juniper schnapps has been produced in Steinhagen in the Teutoburg Forest and bottled in the typical brown stoneware bottles. Since 1989, the product name has been protected according to EU legislation.

The Paderborn farmhouse bread on the other hand is quite different. Its typical loaf shape and the characteristic mix of rye and wheat flour comes from Paderborn. The recipe and technique however are widespread throughout Europe, and numerous bakers outside the cathedral city also bake a delicious "Paderborner".

Less widespread is the Westphalian Pickert, the distinctive potato dish from the region. In addition to potatoes, the basic ingredients also include flour, eggs and milk. The pan-baked potato cakes can then be refined in countless ways: with bacon or ham with liver sausage or stewed fruit, honey or lard, for example.

And if you like something sweet: Borgholzhausener gingerbread is not just tasty at Christmas time - however it's best then. The Teutoburg Forest once provided hazelnuts and honey for the traditional pastries, the numerous spices came across the ancient trade routes into the region.

Festive menus and culinary events

Regional, seasonal and international specialities are served in the restaurants in the hotels of the region. Let yourself be pampered in style -- after all, you are on holiday.

There are special gastronomic experiences to be had in the GOP in Bad Oeynhausen, because here you will be treated to culinary delights during the variety show. You will find a good overview of restaurants that cook typical regional Westphalian food well: >>

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Westphalian enjoyment in numbers

  • 4
    enjoyable museums in the Westphalian Culinarium at Nieheim
  • 6
    months - at least - is the time it takes to age a Westphalian ham on the bone
  • 24
    hours to bake pumpernickel bread
  • 38
    percent alcohol in a real Steinhäger
  • Countless
    number of recipes for Pickert
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