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Paths through the country

from May till August

Events of the "Paths through the country" literary and music festival have been held in the summer months between May and August in the whole East Westphalian cultural area since the year 2000.

In castles and barns, farmhouses, monasteries, churches and under a starry sky, a programme for the mind and the senses awaits visitors.

A programme that encourages listening, thinking and a culture of communication. Thereby the trilogy of literature, music and venue plays an important role and weaves itself through the events like a red thread.


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Westphalian enjoyment in numbers

  • 4
    enjoyable museums in the Westphalian Culinarium at Nieheim
  • 6
    months - at least - is the time it takes to age a Westphalian ham on the bone
  • 24
    hours to bake pumpernickel bread
  • 38
    percent alcohol in a real Steinhäger
  • Countless
    number of recipes for Pickert
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