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Strongholds in the region

Carnival in Castle Holte-Stukenbrock

The Stukenbrocker Carnival Club and the "Quintet of the Women's Carnival (Weiberfastnacht)" work hard all year round for a fun carnival. On the Sunday one week before Carnival Monday (Rosenmontag), a large children's parade takes place from 2:11 pm, with a subsequent funfair. On Women's Carnival Day (Weiberfastnacht), over 100 colourfully costumed groups have paraded through the city since 1959, before celebrating in the pubs, halls and marquees until late in the night. In recent years, more and more groups could be encouraged to take part in the parade. On the Saturday there is a large carnival revue with speeches, music and dancing.

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Carnival in Rietberg

The Rietberg Carnival is an important event. This traditional highlight attracts more than 50,000 visitors on Carnival Monday (Rosenmontag) from far and wide to the historic centre, and they admire over 100 magnificent floats and parading groups, dancing and celebrating. The Old Maid's parade held on the Thursday before is also a feast for the eyes. Some 30,000 visitors then watch as more than 2,000 costumed "Maids" take over the city with a parade.


Carnival in Steinheim

Steinheim, the "unofficial carnival capital in East Westphalia Lippe". Steinheim is the oldest and largest carnival stronghold of the region. The large Rosenmontag parade always begins punctually at 2:11 pm on Rosenmontag, bedecked with magnificent colours and imagination as up to 25,000, sometimes celebrity, visitors parade through the mischievous Emmer-wheat town. Over 30 large floats, more than 40 colourful troupes and 15 musical bands parade closely together through the 1.2 km long circuit through the town centre; overall more than 2,200 participants!


Carnival in Delbrück

The highlights of the carnival season for the young and old carnival goers in the East Westphalian Carnival stronghold of Delbrück are the parades. Thousands of participants line up in the children's parade on Carnival Sunday and in the big parade on Carnival Monday. Crude advertising is frowned upon, imaginative floats and troupes meander through the densely-lined streets. The numerous ensembles and marching bands ensure the best mood. The crowd catches the mood and joins in the celebrations.

Carnival in the East-Westphalian stronghold of Delbrück - an experience not to be missed. The revellers in the centre of Delbrück look proudly on their "Unity of 1832", the oldest 'Fools' Association' in the Confederation of the Westphalian Carnival. Everyone is bitten by the bug, because now every district has its own club. In the carnival revues, the fools and clowns really bring the house down.


Carnival in Willebadessen

In the town of Willebadessen, two parades are held on Rosenmontag. This is a special feature of a town with a population of about 8,600 inhabitants. In both Willebadessen and Peckelsheim, the revellers organise impressive processions. The Women's Carnival usually takes place at the Town Hall Tower in Peckelsheim.

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Carnival in Beverungen

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