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Timeline Teutoburg Forest

  • Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

    Until this year, until this battle against Arminius and his Germanic warriors, the Roman legions were deemed invincible throughout the entire known world. This reputation was now ruined. Also, the crushing defeat of General Varus was the beginning of the end of the Roman expansion to the North and East - a turning point in world history, which is quite worthy of a monumental memorial.

  • Widukind is baptised

    Neither the birthday or the anniversary of the death of the legendary Duke of Saxony are known. What is certain however is: Until his baptism, he was the bitter opponent of Charlemagne in the Saxon Wars, which lasted from 772 to 804. The Widukind museum in Enger brings his story to life as well as the legends surrounding his life. His grave can be found in the nearby Collegiate Church.

  • Establishment of the Corvey Monastery

    The beginning of a success story: The Benedictine Abbey, idyllically situated on a bend of the river Weser, quickly evolved into one of the richest monasteries in the German-speaking world. The monks invested their assets well and built Corvey into a spiritual and cultural centre with great appeal.

  • Augustinian Canons open Dalheim Monastery

    Before the arrival of the monks, there was already a monastery at the same place in Lichtenau, about which little is known. Only under the direction of the Augustinian Canons did its steady ascent began. And as can be seen in the present, almost completely preserved ensemble of buildings, the Convent experienced its heyday during the Baroque period. Today you can see here the European LWL exhibition "Joined! 1700 years of monastic culture". The monastery garden, restored to its former historical splendour, is part of the European garden heritage.

  • Start of construction of the Hermann monument

    At the age of 38, the sculptor and architect Ernst von Bandel began work erecting a monument to the victorious Cheruscan Prince Arminius - a life's work. As its location, he chose the Grotenburg in Detmold, a 386-metre summit of the Teutoburg Forest, barely three hard days' march from the historic battlefield.

  • Opening of the Ravensberg Spinning Mill in Bielefeld

    It was the largest machine spinning mill in Europe and alone justifies Bielefeld's nickname of "Linen weaver town". Because of course the woven flax was largely processed locally. Today, among others, the Bielefeld Historical Museum is housed in the listed buildings which characterise the town. As visitors will discover, linen has been woven in Bielefeld since the ninth century.

  • Inauguration of the Hermann monument

    At the age of 75, von Bandel witnessed the inauguration of the hero's statue in the presence of Kaiser Wilhelm I and around 30,000 enthusiastic guests. The Hermann monument  is 53.46 metres high - and at that time was the highest statue in the Western world. Eleven years later the statue of liberty in New York broke the record.

  • The Minden aqueduct is opened

    Free voyage without time-consuming locks: The 370 metre-long trough bridge that lead the Mittelland Canal over the Weser, makes it possible. Together with the new bridge from 1998, and with the locks, which allow the navigation operators to "turn off" from the Weser onto the canal, the aqueduct is one of the most impressive and most visited technical monuments in the region.

  • First serve

    Top-class sport in Halle (Westfalen): The world elite has been meeting for the ATP lawn tennis tournament "Gerry Weber Open" since 1993. Guests of the VitalWanderWelt benefit from the top-class sports medicine.

  • Corvey is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site

    Above all the artistic decoration of the oldest preserved structure is world renowned: The wall paintings from Carolingian times are almost completely preserved in the Westwork of the monastery church. Together with buildings and artefacts from later periods, they bear witness to almost 1200 years of history. Incidentally: The Westwork was the part of the church, which was reserved for the emperor. In Corvey it was used 24 times.

  • National Horticultural Show

    Bad Lippspringe is the venue of the National Horticultural Show of North Rhine-Westphalia, the fifth in the holiday region of the Teutoburg Forest. The spa forest and the three parks of the health spa and climatic health resort at the source of the River Lippe are decorated for this.

  • Sparrenburg Bielefeld - Foto: Bielefled Marketing
  • Externsteine - Foto: A. Hub
  • Kaiser Wilhelm Denkmal an der Porta Westfalica - Foto: Stadt Porta Westfalica
  • Schweben über Fels und Wasser, Weser Sky-Walk - Foto: F. Grawe Kulturland Kreis Hoexter
  • Marta Herford - Foto: T. Gödecker
  • Historische Städte, hier Rheda-Wiedenbrück - Foto: T. Ulrich
  • Wewelsburg, Büren - Foto: Touristikzentrale Paderborner Land
  • Wasserkrater Aqua Magica Park, Bad Oeynhausen, Löhne - Foto: Bad Oeynhausen
  • Landschaften, hier Wege der Vielfalt Höxter-Ottbergen, Foto: F. Grawe Kulturland Kreis Höxter GmbH
  • Paderborn Schloss Neuhaus-Foto: Touristikzentrale Paderborner Land

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